Tablet Coating with Anti-Bearding Technology

Bearding or coating build-up on the spray guns has long since been a problem in the process of film coating tablets. The dried coating would form around the outlet of the guns and finally interfere with the performance of the spray causing quality problems with the tablets and interruption to the production for intermittent cleaning.

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With Schlick’s ABC technology, tablet coating runs cleaner and continues.

Model 930/7-1 S45     Model 970/7-1 S75     Model 930/7-1 S35




tab 8

Schlick ABC technology tested to the extreme. Using a high viscosity solution with high air pressures to produces maximum spray-drying but still achieve tablet coating. Note the lack of bearding on the ABC caps compared to the rest of the nozzles. Coating was completed with no requirement to clean the nozzles during the coating run.

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