System “Insurance”

rt4inPP-CPVC2CADAR resin traps are like the insurance you have on yourself, your business and your home. You invest in it because you never know when or where a failure might happen.

A resin trap is always there to protect you against losses – gradual resin loss that may escape your notice, as well as a catastrophe that sends a large amount of resin down the line unexpectedly.

A Customised Solution

Like the rest of your system, CADAR resin traps are designed and made to meet your specific needs. The plastics revolution has created many options for reliable and cost-effective construction. But even if you choose stainless steel or exotic alloy options, the savings you realise in terms of resin expense and system downtime will make the cost of your traps seem inexpensive indeed.

Triclamp Resin trap (2)Even the best filter under-drains need backup. CADAR resin traps can make your system more cost effective for years to come. Contact us today and discover why CADAR is the name to know.

CADAR in-line resin traps are ideal for a variety of application

  • Ion exchange columns with potential for anion or cation resin loss
  • Sand / carbon systems
  • Line sizes up to 12″
  • Flows up to 1600 GPM

Material choices include:

  • High strength polypropylene / PVC
  • PVDF
  • Stainless steel
  • PTFE coatedTriclamp Resin trap (2)
  • Hastelloy
  • And many other materials

CADAR resin traps prevent:

  • Loss of expensive resins
  • Cross contamination of resins
  • Damage to pumps, valves, etc. further down process line
  • Costly downtime and process disturbance
  • Environmental damage



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