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Since 1985 Cadar has firmly established itself within the municipal and industrial water treatment markets as well as the food, pharmaceuticals and chemical industries where liquids that require processing through either media filters such as sand, ion-exchange resins and carbons or sprayed into, on to or mixed with foods, drugs, refractories and chemicals. Cadar as a well-known designer and supplier of filter nozzles and distribution systems has used this platform to develop new products and systems. These include the highly successful monolithic cast in place concrete filter floor and more diverse products such as Resin Traps, air scour systems, header & Lateral under drains and specialist spray nozzles. Whatever the application Cadar’s team will endeavour to maintain its reputation for personal and professional service before, during and after the sale.

Cadar will strive to give the best of service to its customers, ensuring that the handling of orders and the supply of goods is performed within the terms and conditions agreed between the client and Cadar. The aim of Cadar is to build a sound working relationship with its clients, by supplying not only quality products but good technical knowledge and experience within the fields to which we supply to.


We found Cadar professional, reliable & offer a personal service delivering options/solutions to our wet mix spray delivery process. Trials on site to back up the specialist advice and linking up with other workstreams e.g. pump and pipework upgrades gave us confidence to make informed decisions on where the benefits would be for our capital outlay and what to progress. As a result the wet mix spray phase of our production process delivers a consistent and reliable spray pattern reducing the process time by several minutes and helps in delivering a constant bulk density of the product, something which we’d not seen for years. The components delivered and installed are excellently engineered look the business, are not cheap but I’m a big believer in ‘you get what you pay for’ and this is the case in this instance!

Thanks Cadar,  Batchelors Factory. Worksop.

Dear Carl & Dave,
Once again thank you for your input in a recent tender submission that Western Carbons were working on. You experience and expert knowledge of filter nozzles and monolithic floor design is second to none and at the tender interview stage the client was extremely impressed with the level of detail that we were able to discuss filter nozzle and monolithic floor design and the benefits of using Cadar products over competing technologies. From the welcoming voice of Sue on the phone to the team that dispatch your products out to sites we are working on, Cadar’s service and technical ability is a credit to a company that is a industry leader.

Without excellent service and support from our supply chain, Western Carbons would not be positioned as the leading filter refurbishment service provider to the UK water industry.

Doug Cook, Business Development Director - Western Carbons Limited